A Social Justice Tour of Scranton

October 6, 2017

Justice on Tour- a social justice tour/presentation of Scranton Community Partners Friday, Oct. 20 from 3-6 p.m.


Justice on Tour, hosted by Campus Ministries' Center for Service & Social Justice, creates an opportunity for University of Scranton students to learn about and experience the unique social justice history of Scranton. Deeper awareness leads to greater understanding between our students and Scranton residents. During the Justice Tour, participants acquire information about Scranton's unique neighborhoods and diverse populations; contacts for community organizations visited and highlighted during the tour; a nuanced image of Scranton's underserved communities, through an emphasis on their assets and challenges; and resources for how to get involved in community-based service and research. A light meal will be served afterward while reflecting on the experience, and opportunities for service. Registration is limited to 80 students.

Please only register if you absolutely have this time free. Register HERE.

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