Students Named to "Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges"


Eighty students from The University of Scranton's undergraduate colleges have been selected as national outstanding leaders and chose for inclusion in Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. 

Campus nominating committees and editors of the annual directory selected students based on their academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities and potential for continued success.

The students are:

Samantha L. Baietti
Catherine L. Baker
Kathleen M. Barone
Mary Margaret Boland
Gina Bonacci
Giuseppe Bongiorno
Christine Bracrella
Carmella Calabrese
Caitlin M. Castle
Peter W. Chiappini
Thomas M. Churilla
Megan E. Conley
John M. Cook
Michelle Crotti
Cynthia G. David
Edward DelSole
Michael Frechen
Gina Fullam
Lynn Gavin
Thomas J. Gentile
Jennifer L. Gonsior
Rebecca A. Guenther
Thomas A. Guiler
Michael L. Hawver
Megan I. Henry
Rohmeen Hodizoda
Lauren Hosko
Caesar G. Imperio
Douglas A. Jones
Robert J. Kalaf
Lauren M. Kanuik
Kimberly A. Katapski
Alyssa B. Katz
Katelynn Keir
George R. Keiser
Emily Klonoski
Natalie M. Kottke
Michael D. Kozel
Justin S. Krul
Thomas A. Langan
Amy Lee
Thomas K. Lewis
Thomas Lystash
Jared S. Maiero
Daniel J. Marx
Jeffrey F. Musyt
Emily M. Nebzydoski
Jaclyn T. Newns
Sophia Norella
Joseph P. O'Connell
William D. Orasin
Matthew D. Orzolek
Daniel J. Packer
Lauren A. Pascoe
Eva A. Piatek
Christopher M. Psihoules
William Pugh
Jeffrey M. Pusateri
Erin M. Quinn
Michael J. Reach
Michael D. Ritterbeck
Mark P. Romanowski
Kyle E. Romero
Breanne N. Ross
Donna M. Rupp
Maria Gabriela Sanabria
Jennifer A. Sidari
Leann Skoronski
Kayla M. Smith
Jason Stankiewicz
Coral Stredny
Ashley E. Teatum
Matthew P. Tirella
Michael A. Trovato
Colleen L. Tuohy
Mary Frances Usher
Daisy Velez
Karen H. Waldeck
Craig M. Weiss
Justine E. Zoeller

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