Diversity Fair Showcases the Many Faces of Scranton

Nov 18, 2009

        Students, faculty and staff learned Swahili and took salsa dance lessons while student representatives from countries including Korea, India, Thailand, Mexico and El Salvador provided cultural and geographical information and shared native artwork at the 2009 Diversity Fair. More than 200 participated in the program intended to raise awareness of diversity on Scranton's campus.

        The Republic of Korea was among the countries represented at information booths. There, participants were taught to write their name in Hangeul-Korean and saw examples of traditional Korean accessories.

        Nearby, students from India explained the importance of dance and music in their culture and the popularity of movies. About 800 movies are made in India each year, making India the largest movie industry in the world.

        Students from Thailand spoke about their homeland that has a population of about 64 million people and is a mix of culture from China and India. The students explained that Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is acclaimed for its spicy cuisine and cultural heritage, with many historic temples throughout the city center.

        Students representing Rwanda and Uganda shared information on children who became orphans as a result of the genocidal massacre in 1994, in which more than 100,000 people were killed in just over 100 days. The students also provided information about sponsoring and supporting children born during the Rwandan genocides.

        Other activities at the fair included Chinese language lessons, Middle Eastern dance lessons and music from Marko Marcinko and The Latin Jazz Quintet, Jamie Orfanella and The Tribal Waves and Diana Shahein and The Oasis Winter Garden.

       The Office of Equity and Diversity sponsored the 2009 Diversity Fair, which took place Nov. 5. 

       International students will continue to showcase their native cultures, this time to area elementary and high school students, as The University of Scranton celebrates International Education week from Nov. 16 to Nov. 20.


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