Artwork Created and Artists Acknowledged at DeNaples Center


     University of Scranton students recently helped create a collaborative art mural arranged by Donna Doherty and Judith Youshock of Heart to Art LLC, Scranton. The general outline of the image was illustrated by students, faculty and staff who passed through the first floor of the Patrick and Margaret DeNaples Center on Mar. 5 and Mar. 8.

     During the evening of Mar. 5, the University hosted a community reception for the local artists whose paintings, photography and sculptures adorn the walls of the DeNaples Center.

      “Currently assembled in the DeNaples Center are works on canvas and paper including giclee prints after original paintings by renowned regional artists Brian Keeler, Nancy Ruch-Kim and Karl Neuroth,” said Laura Craig, owner of Laura Craig Galleries on Linden Street in Scranton, who helped select the pieces on display. “Also featured is a wide selection of fine art photography by Susan Scranton Dawson, and a lovely wall sculpture in glass and stainless steel mesh by Karen Reid.”

     The works by Keeler, a realist painter from Wyalusing, feature northeast Pennsylvania landscapes. Ruch-Kim is an abstract artist currently living in Swiftwater. She paints mostly landscapes, and her works specifically involve the effects of light. Neuroth currently works from Clarks Green. His displayed work emphasizes the interplay of colors. The work of Dawson, a photographer from Dalton, features landscapes and other natural images, particularly water. Reid is a sculptor from Dalton who works mostly with glass. 

     “Northeastern Pennsylvania is privileged to enjoy a rich and varied cultural community,” Craig said. “The artists featured in the DeNaples Center are among the best and most respected in our area.”

     According to Craig, the works chosen for the DeNaples Center are meant to compliment the architecture of the building and to bring out emotions that will connect the viewer to the environment.

     These works are located throughout the building. The third floor, however, where the Fresh Food Company is located, has a slightly different theme. According to Craig, this floor displays Neuroth’s abstract works, meant to “enhance and invigorate the space, and stimulate the senses!”

     Craig, who displays all of these artists in her gallery, was honored to work with The University of Scranton to bring the works of these different artists to campus as well as the attention of the student body and “to all those who have occasion to frequent the DeNaples Center.”

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