University brings French film festival to Scranton


The University of Scranton is one of approximately 90 universities nationwide to host the Tournées Festival, a 15-year-old program offered by the French American Cultural Exchange. The film festival, presented by the University’s World Languages and Cultures Department, will run March 1-3 and 7-8 in the Pearn Auditorium, Brennan Hall. All showings begin at 7 p.m. and admission is free.

The festival will commence Tuesday, March 1 with “Coco Avant Chanel,” or “Coco before Chanel,” a film that explores the life of world-renown fashion designer Coco Chanel before her empire was launched. “Paris,” an ensemble film highlighting Paris’ diverse population, will be screened Wednesday, March 2. “Le Chant De Mariées,” or “The Wedding Song,” illustrates a friendship between Muslim and Jewish teenagers in Nazi-occupied Tunis and will be shown Thursday, March 3. “35 Rhumsm,” or “35 Shots of Rum” will be screened Monday, March 7 and focuses on the relationship between a widowed father and his university-student daughter. The festival will conclude on Tuesday, March 8 with a showing of  “La Belle Personne,” or “The Beautiful Person,” loosely based on Madame de Lafayette’s 1678 novel “La Princesse de Cléves” about forbidden passions. The film centers on the relationships of a teenage girl, including one involving her teacher. 

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