University of Scranton Goes Mobile

Mar 31, 2011

Smartphone users can connect more easily with The University of Scranton thanks to a new app and mobile website designed for the iPhone and Android.

The new University of Scranton app and mobile website, which launched on March 26, give users access to University news, videos, sports scores and more – all in the palm of their hand.

“Our students are going to their phones and other mobile devices for just about everything,” said Lori Nidoh, director of marketing communications at The University of Scranton. “So with the combination of the app and a new mobile website, we are offering the opportunity to access the most key information right on their phone in a way that’s optimized for mobile.”

In addition to finding out information about campus events on the go, students will be able to listen to streaming campus radio, access the University’s social media sites and look at campus maps. The online directory will also allow students to look up phone numbers for any department on campus and dial it with the touch of a button.

“Our multimedia is easily accessible,” Nidoh said. “Our videos are on the site and we have links to our YouTube and Flickr accounts, too.”

Prospective students and visitors will also get a more in-depth look at Scranton through a GPS-guided audio tour powered by the new app. Visitors can walk through campus and listen to the history of buildings and landmarks while others can take virtual tours and read about available classes from the comfort of their home.

“This is a convenient way for prospective students and their families to connect with the University community,” said Joseph Roback, associate vice president of admissions and undergraduate enrollment at Scranton, who also remarked that the interactive campus tour now available is “awesome.”

It also makes campus tours more accessible.

“A student from Virginia for example who is interested in Scranton can download the app and actually browse through the campus tour while sitting in Virginia,” said Nidoh. “That’s pretty exciting.”

The University’s plans for the app will grow and evolve as the school identifies new needs and resources. Admissions, library and alumni modules are set to be added by the end of the year.

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