Seventeen University of Scranton Faculty Receive Promotions

Dec 5, 2011
            The University of Scranton granted the following 17 faculty promotions and/or tenure effective with the beginning of the 2011-2012 academic year. 

            The following have been promoted to professor: Tim Foley, Ph.D., chemistry; Renee Hakim, Ph.D., physical therapy; and Lee Penyak, Ph.D., history.

            The following have been named associate professor: Jamie Trnka, Ph.D., world languages and culture; Thomas Shimkus, Ph.D., mathematics; Michael Allison, Ph.D., political science; Vanessa Silla, Ph.D., education; Rita Fleming-Castaldy, Ph.D., occupational therapy; Gloria Wenze, Ph.D., education; and Shuhua Fan, Ph.D., history.

            The following faculty members have been granted tenure: Barbara Buxton, Ph.D., nursing; Debra Fetherman, Ph.D., exercise science and sport; Patrick Tully, Ph.D., philosophy; Daniel Haggerty, Ph.D., philosophy; Rebecca Dalgin, Ph.D., counseling/human services; James Roberts, Ph.D., sociology/criminal justice; and Kim Pavlick, Ph.D., communication.

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