Joint Statement, The University of Scranton and Commonwealth Medical College

May 22, 2012

                                                 Joint Statement from
                                             The University of Scranton
                                       The Commonwealth Medical College

For nearly a year, The University of Scranton and The Commonwealth Medical College have formally discussed the possibility of deepening current collaborations into an affiliation. While noting the potential advantages an affiliation could bring to both institutions, we recognized that complex questions and issues would need to be resolved to move forward. Our threshold for success in these discussions was to establish a model for affiliation that would strongly ensure the continued vitality and success of both institutions and our respective missions and aspirations.

After careful and thorough analysis assisted by national experts, we have decided to end affiliation discussions and commit ourselves to strengthening and expanding the various forms of collaboration that have marked our relationship since TCMC was founded. While disappointed in this outcome, we move forward with mutual respect, having reinforced our connections through this process.

Kevin P. Quinn, S.J.                        Lois Margaret Nora, M.D., J.D.
President                                         Interim President and Dean
The University of Scranton             The Commonwealth Medical College
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