Student Correspondent Stories Featured Again in

Oct 9, 2012

The Scranton will continue to feature stories written by University of Scranton student correspondents this academic year in its Campus Corner website.

In a program piloted by the Times-Tribune last year, University of Scranton students working with the University’s Public Relations Office cover events and lectures on campus and have their stories published on the website. Students serving as correspondents have prior writing experience with The Aquinas (the University’s student newspaper) or other publications and have been recommend by a faculty member and/or editor. Many of the students have also completed internships at the Public Relations Office.

Recently published student correspondent stories cover Family Weekend and the dedication of the Loyola Science Center

Stories written by the student correspondents, as well as stories published in the Times-Tribune that mention the University, are assembled on The University of Scranton’s Campus Corner page on the Times-Tribune website. 

For additional information, contact Stan Zygmunt, director of news and media relations, at 941-7669.

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