Words and Images Intersect in Art Exhibit at University


         The work of University of Scranton Professor Josephine Dunn, Ph.D., will be the focal point of “Crossing Disciplines: Text and Images in the Work of J.M. Dunn,” an exhibition in the Hope Horn Gallery that will celebrate the journey of her career as an artist and art historian.

         The exhibit will run from Monday, March 24, to Friday, April 11, and will feature an exhibit lecture, “Art as Biography,” by Dr. Dunn Friday, April 4, at 5 p.m. in the Pearn Auditorium of Brennan Hall. A public reception will follow from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Hope Horn Gallery.

         Dr. Dunn, professor of history and director of the art and music program at the University, has spent a lifetime studying the history of art in addition to creating her own works. The exhibit explores her career in relation to the intersection that exists between visual images and written words.

         Dr. Dunn, who received her master’s degree and doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania, is just as talented of an artist as she is an academic, said Darlene Miller-Lanning, Ph.D., director of the Hope Horn Gallery.

         “She is a fabulous painter with a very strong painting background,” Dr. Miller-Lanning said. “Her area of academic expertise is in Renaissance art, which greatly contrasts her personal style of painting. However, she has found a formula for effectively marrying the two disciplines.”

         “In terms of painting, her current work is very abstract and much of it has literary connections,” Dr. Miller-Lanning said. “She has a set of drawings that will be in the exhibit that relate to the writings of Dante, one of the great writers of the Italian Renaissance. The drawings are very abstract in terms of representing ideas.”

         The Hope Horn Gallery will be open to the public from noon until 4 p.m. Sunday through Friday and Wednesday evenings from 6-8 p.m. All exhibits at the gallery are free of charge.

         For additional information, call 570-941-4214.

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