University Welcomes Largest Incoming Class in History

Aug 22, 2014

Incoming members of the University’s class of 2018, the largest in the University’s history, will arrive on campus on Saturday, Aug. 23. The Fall Welcome program will include a New Student Convocation, residence hall and commuter meetings, an alumni legacy reception and other activities.

At 1,086 members, The University of Scranton’s undergraduate class of 2018 is the largest in its history, surpassing its previous record of 1,054 students set by its class of 2015.

“The class of 2018 has hit or surpassed the goals we have set for size, academic quality, geographic diversity and student of color population,” said Joseph Roback, associate vice provost for admissions and enrollment.

The University’s undergraduate class of 2018 was drawn from 9,394 applicants, which is the second largest application pool in the University’s history. The class has an average SAT score of 1,125. Incoming students represent a total of 480 high schools, 10 states, Nigeria, China and India. States represented include California, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia. More than 20 percent of the class is from northeast Pennsylvania.

Enrollment continues to be strong in business and the health professions. Enrollment in the Kania School of Management has increased, with nearly 30 percent of the incoming class enrolled in that college, and the most common majors chosen by member of the incoming class are exercise science, nursing and occupational therapy.

The University has seen its student of color population continue to grow with 16.4 percent of the members of its incoming class identifying themselves as a student of color.

The class of 2018 also includes 80 legacy children of University of Scranton alumni, including 10 legacy students of alumni couples.

The incoming class will arrive on campus this weekend. The Fall Welcome program will include a New Student Convocation, at which the class of 2018 banner will be introduced. Fall Welcome will also include a class photo, residence hall and commuter meetings and an alumni legacy reception. Members of the incoming class will also help area children and their families prepare for the upcoming school year by volunteering at the Back to School Bonanza on Sunday, Aug. 24. The Bonanza is offered free of charge to area children and includes educational games, prizes, refreshments, music and other activities.

In addition to the University’s undergraduate class of 2018, the University will also welcome this weekend more than 80 transfer students and more than 250 new graduate students, both on-campus and online. Incoming graduate students represent several states and foreign countries, including Canada, China, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan, as well as three Fulbright teaching assistantship scholars.

Classes for the fall semester begin Monday, Aug. 25.

University of Scranton full-time undergraduate enrollment records:

Year                Enrollment

2014                1,086

2011                1,054

2009                1,034

2007                1,030

2001                1,012



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