Six University Students Received President’s Fellowships for Summer Research

Aug 18, 2014

Six University students received a President’s Fellowship for Summer Research award for 2014. The fellowship is a mentorship program that allows students to participate in research under the guidance of a faculty mentor. The awards are given to promising students who faculty members believe possess the ability to handle challenging, real-world research workloads during the summer months.

Senior Natalie Ceresnak of Valley Cottage, New York, and her faculty mentor Robert Smith Ph.D., associate professor of biology, will research “The Influence of Climate on Spring Migration Timing for Landbirds Using Habitats in Northeastern Pennsylvania.”

Junior Patrick Fricke of Factoryville and his faculty mentor Michael Fennie, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry, will study “A Green Approach to Oxazole Synthesis.”

Francis George of Pittston and his faculty mentor Jakub Jasinski, Ph.D., professor of mathematics, will research “Non-Isomorphic Models of First-Order Theories.”

Senior Elizabeth Joyce of Stroudsburg and her faculty mentor Marc Seid, Ph.D., assistant professor of biology, will research “Ommatidium Structure and Development in Heliconius Butterflies.”

Senior Kaitlyn Kolzow of Newton, New Jersey, and her faculty mentor George Gomez, Ph.D., associate professor of biology, will study “The Effects of Hypoxia and Hyperoxia on the Morphology of the Cytoskeleton of Neuronal Retina.”

Junior Nicole McAndrew of Archbald and her faculty mentor, Dr. Gomez, will research “The Intracellular Mechanisms of Retinoic Acid and Cancer Cell Differentiation.”


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