A Truly “Green” Christmas Tree

Dec 8, 2014

The University of Scranton will use LED lights for its Christmas tree this year lowering the energy use and energy costs for the lights by approximately 99 percent.

The University previously used incandescent light bulbs, which used 7.5 watts each, for a total of 26,250 watts for 3,500 bulbs that lit the tree. This year’s tree will use 3,600 LED commercial grade bulbs that will use approximately 0.1 watt each, for a total of just 346 watts.

The incandescent tree lighting electricity cost was approximately $1,300 per season. The new LED lights’ electricity cost is estimated to be about $17 per season.

The LED bulbs are also expected to last 75,000 hours, which translates to a “tree lighting” life of 100 years – with use only in December and January.

The University will hold its Advent Liturgy and Christmas Tree Lighting Sunday, Dec. 7. The Advent Liturgy will begin at 7 p.m. in the Byron Recreation Complex. The tree lighting will take place on the Dionne Campus Green immediately following the Mass.

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