High School Students Compete in Programming Contest at University of Scranton

May 18, 2016

More than 50 students, representing 10 area high schools competed in the annual Computer Programming Contest hosted by The University of Scranton’s Computing Sciences Department recently. During the competition, 15 teams of two or three students each used their programming language to solve computer-programming problems.

Three students from Emmaus High School, Jie Luo, Daniel Yu and Bradley Klemick (team C), won the competition. They successfully solved all eight of the problems posed in the competition.

emmaus high school

Photo caption: A team from Emmaus High School won The University of Scranton’s annual Computer Programming Contest hosted by the Computing Sciences Department. From left, first row: Mike Dane, University of Scranton graduate assistant, Emmaus High School Coach Carlen Blackstone and students Jake Gilbert and Sameer Lal. Middle row: Emmaus High School students Vishna Bhasker, Roland Nowark, Steven VanHorn and Ethan Weaver. Top row: Emmaus High School team C, Bradley Klemick, Jie Luo and Daniel Yu, who came in first place in the competition.

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