Wallenpaupack Area High School Students Introduced to Biomechanics at The University of Scranton

May 18, 2016

Students from Wallenpaupack Area High School saw hands-on demonstrations of sophisticated biomechanical measurement equipment at The University of Scranton’s Leahy Hall as part of National Biomechanics Day. The University participated in the nationwide event intended to demonstrate biomechanics in various forms to high school students and teachers.

University of Scranton Exercise Science and Sport Professor Scott Breloff, Ph,D., Exercise Science Lab Coordinator Cheryil Demkosky and exercise science students Gabriella Opalkowski of Phoenixville and Patrick Manturi of Manchester, New Jersey,  demonstrated three-dimensional motion analysis using a 12-camera kestrel motion analysis system, electromyography using an eight-channel NORAXON system and dynamometry using a Biodex System, as well as computerized dynamic posturography with a NeuroCom EquiTest, among other demonstrations.


Photo caption: Wallenpaupack Area High School students saw demonstrations of sophisticated biomechanical equipment at The University of Scranton as part of National Biomechanics Day. Keeling in front row, from left: Scott Breloff, Ph.D., assistant professor of exercise science and sport at Scranton; Cheryil Demkosky, exercise science lab coordinator; and University of Scranton seniors Gabriella Opalkowski and Patrick Manturi. Standing in second row: Wallenpaupak Area High School students Nikki Neglia, Emily Petsche, Jamie Brunette, Nicole Holzapfel, Olivia Brodhead, Sheila Whitman, Kristen Denniston and Quinn Williams. Standing in back row: Wallenpaupak Area High School students Paige Politewicz, Rhiannon Bogart-Mandrik, Amanda Darwish, Trisha Gibbons, Molly Jansco, Shawn Otway, Jason Otway and Zane Blau.

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