Scranton Students to Become Catholic Relief Services Student Ambassadors

Jul 28, 2016

How do globally-minded university students from Philadelphia spend their summer vacation? They travel to Baltimore to meet with experts from Catholic Relief Services about some of the most pressing issues facing humans around the world today – human trafficking, refugees fleeing violence and the effects of climate change on the world’s poorest citizens. Then they go to Washington, D.C., and meet with their legislative representatives on Capitol Hill to ask for their support.

The University students were among 120 others from 47 universities across the nation who will become CRS Student Ambassadors on their campuses next year.  They will help educate and activate their fellow students on ways to become involved and make the world a better place.

University of Scranton students participating are Mary Ellen Kane of Springfield and Marie MacTigue of Rockville, Maryland. University of Scranton Campus Minister Catherine Seymour of Clarks Summit accompanied the students.

University of Scranton students are among the 120 college students from 47 universities across the nation who will become Catholic Relief Services Student Ambassadors on their campuses next year.  From left: Beth Ford McNamee (St. Joseph’s University); Cheryl Mrazik (Catholic Relief Services); Alex Gill (St. Joseph’s University); Kellie Waters (Neumann University); Will Stehl (Villanova University); Andrew Lee (Villanova University); Rita Marino (Villanova University); Claire Leroux (Villanova University); Megan McDermott (Neumann University); Sunitha Krishan (Prajwala); Pat McKenzie (Neumann University); Mary Ellen Kane (The University of Scranton); Cathy Seymour (The University of Scranton); Allexsi Engelka (Saint Vincent College); Elaine Bennett (Saint Vincent College); Marie MacTigue (The University of Scranton); and Jessica Marinucci (St. Joseph’s University).

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