Faculty in the News

    University of Scranton faculty members have been quoted in multiple news stories related to COVID-19.
    May 11, 2020

    What words or phrases may enter the vernacular following the COVID-19 pandemic? What financial advice might be prudent during the pandemic? What has been the impact of the coronavirus on the region’s unemployment?

    Recent news stories related to these topics and others quoted University of Scranton faculty members.

    Stephen Whittaker, Ph.D., professor of English and Theatre, discussed “zoombomb” and other words, phrases and jargon that may become commonly used following the pandemic in a Scranton Times-Tribune story May 10.

    Iordanis Petsas, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Economics and Finance, offered tips for investors to consider during the volatile markets created by the worldwide pandemic for a news story on Fox-56 on May 5. Last month, Dr. Petsas discussed the the economic effects of the government’s Coronavirus economic stimulus payments sent to taxpayers in a WBRE-WYOU news story.

    Satyajit Ghosh, Ph.D., professor of economics, discussed the impact of the corona virus on the banking industry in a Times-Tribune news story that also appeared in the Citizens’ Voice in Wilkes-Barre on May 3. A few days earlier, Dr. Ghosh discussed regional unemployment, also impacted by the pandemic, in a Times-Tribune article.

    Other news stores related to COVID-19 that published in April and March quoted Bryan R. Crable Ph.D., assistant professor of biology, in Fox-56 and Mary Jane Hanson, Ph.D., professor of nursing and director of graduate and doctor of nursing practice programs, was quoted in several articles in the Scranton Times-Tribune. In addition, Debra Pelligrino, dean of the Panuska College of Professional Studies, wrote an editorial published in the Scranton Time-Tribune about Autism in the COVID-19 Era. University of Scranton President Rev. Scott R. Pilarz, S.J., was featured in an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education entitled “Ritual, Rhythm, Community: Everything Higher Ed Does Best, the Coronavirus Attacks.”

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