Spaces Dedicated for Commuters, Zoom Use, Study

    Rooms in Lynett Hall are available throughout the day for use by commuter students, who can request to reserve a room. Commuter students will be emailed information regarding reserving this space later this week. Other spaces are also available on campus for use by all students for remote learning and study.
    August 12, 2020

    Spaces on campus have been dedicated for students to use for Zoom sessions and remote classes, as well as for study.

    Commuter students will have access to residence hall rooms in Lynett Hall for the fall semester primarily to participate in remote classes while on campus. Later this week, the Office of Residence Life will inform commuter students of the process to reserve space for day-use within Lynett Hall. Students will also be allowed to reserve space for the same day/time throughout the semester if it is needed for a particular class period. Occupancy will be limited to one student per room at a time.

    Facilities staff will clean rooms regularly during the day and will also deep clean rooms each evening. In addition, each room will have disinfectant wipes and hand-sanitizer available for students. Students are asked to wipe down the desk and chair space upon arrival and prior to leaving the room.

    In addition, rooms located across campus have been designated as “zoom rooms” for all students to use throughout the day, except when closed for cleaning. Each room will have a capacity, based on social distancing, that will be posted. These rooms cannot be reserved. When a student enters the room, they must be sure that they do not cause the room to exceed capacity. If so, they must exit the room and find another study location. Students should use hand sanitizer before entering the zoom rooms and wipe down desks when leaving. Students should also use headphones in the rooms to reduce noise. Additional information about zoom rooms can be seen in the Aug. 10 Royals Safe Together Update.

    The Weinberg Memorial Library also has spaces available for students. Seating has been reconfigured to meet recommended social distancing requirements and should not be rearranged. Group study rooms have reduced seating, and use of group study rooms will be available by reservation only. The most up-to-date information about the library can be seen here.

    Rooms located across campus have been designated as “zoom rooms” for use by all students throughout the day. These rooms cannot be reserved. Students are asked to use headphones in the rooms to reduce noise.

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