President Welcomes Students Back to Campus

    University of Scranton President Rev. Scott R. Pilarz, S.J., welcomed incoming and returning students back to campus for the fall semester in a video message sent to the University community today.
    August 12, 2020

    Rev. Scott R. Pilarz, S.J., president of The University of Scranton, welcomed the return of students to campus for the fall semester in a video message sent to members of the University community today.

    “Without you, this campus is a lot of well-designed, beautiful buildings and a lovely landscaped park. You are the heart of the matter and we are so glad that you are here,” said Father Pilarz. Students will return to campus this weekend. Classes resume on campus on Monday, Aug. 17.

    “Universities and colleges were founded on the conviction that people learn best from one another – in person. Although we can’t always guarantee that’s going to be the case in these very challenging times, we are very graced to have this time together,” said Father Pilarz.

    Father Pilarz reminded students and their parents of the extensive preparation made throughout campus for their safe return.

    “Trust that we are doing all we can to create a safe living and learning environment for our students and for every member of the University community,” said Father Pilarz. “The magnitude of the challenge that we face demands that we all abide by reasonable requirements that we have put forward in the plan (Royals Safe Together). Requirements that we need to stay safe.”

    In the message, he reminded members of the University community of the shared responsibility to keep each other safe.

    “St. Ignatius and his companions never flinched in the face of the unknown. Instead relying on God’s good grace, they embraced challenges that were to come. Challenges that they could not imagine. Inspired by their example, I am confident in our community’s ability to thrive, even under current, often daunting circumstances.”

    Father Pilarz’s full message can be seen here.

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