Preparing for Move-in, Fall 2020

    August 4, 2020

    Move-in will look different this year, with several move-in dates, fewer family members on campus and less luggage.

    Not sure what to expect? We lay it all out for you here.

    In order to avoid a rush right before classes begin, students may request a move-in time to drop off their belongings, set up their living space and then depart campus several days before classes begin, between Aug. 9 and 11, by requesting a slot here.  This phase is fully optional based on student ability and interest. 

     First year-students should have received Welcome Packets with their assigned move-in times for Aug. 15.

    • Each student is assigned a time between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.
    • First-year students can expect help from returning students with their move-in.
    • The Welcome Packets include information about the traffic routes for Aug 15.
    • Additional information can be reviewed by visiting the Residence Hall Move-in webpage, here, after Aug. 6.

     Returning students will move in Aug. 16.

    • Returning students who did not participate in Drop-off or as a Move-in Volunteer may return to campus housing on Aug. 16
    • Students may arrive between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.
    • Additional information can be reviewed by visiting the Residence Hall Move-in webpage, here, after Aug. 6. 

    “We are excited to have students return to campus as campus is a very quiet place without our students,” said Brad Troy, director of Residence Life, “Life on campus will be a bit different, but a commitment to personal safety expectations from the entire campus community will help to ensure we have a successful semester. We want to remind students and families that all persons visiting campus during move-in must wear a face covering at all times and practice proper social distancing and good hand hygiene.”

    Students should (are encouraged to) pack lightly since the semester will end before the coldest weather traditionally hits Scranton. 

    Students are being asked to bring disinfecting wipes, cleaning supplies and a reusable thermometer from home.

    Students should be arriving with no more than two family members with whom they currently reside. Upon arriving on campus, students and family members will be required to follow basic safety guidelines, including

    • Social distancing
    • Wearing masks at all times, on campus and in residence halls,
    • Washing hands and using the provided hand sanitizer often.

    Some residence life adjustments for this year include:

    • Triple rooms being used for two rather than three students;
    • A small number of single rooms being reserved for students who demonstrate specific risk factors (students should contact CTLE for this accommodation)
    • No non-University guests and no overnight guests will be allowed in residence halls during the fall semester
    • Students from international locations or from designated states must complete a 14-day quarantine in Pennsylvania prior to their arrival on campus or must quarantine in their residence hall room or private residence (the Office of Residence Life will contact impacted students to determine their plans).  

    Find all information on this year's move-in on the Residence Hall Move-in webpage, here.

    Please also familiarize yourself with the Royals Safe Together website, here, which details safety in residence halls and around campus.

    Please follow these safety guidelines from The University of Scranton's Royals Safe Together plan, which you can find here



    • Face coverings are not required when students are in their assigned residence (room, suite, or apartment) and the only other person(s) present is their assigned roommate(s). Residents in apartments are permitted to remove face coverings within other areas of their apartment so long as only residents who share the apartment are present.
    • Given that students may not know if they can maintain social distancing, face coverings are required any time students leave their residence, including going to building common spaces or bathrooms.


    • In buildings with multiple community bathrooms on a floor, students will be assigned a specific bathroom for their use, and limited occupancy in the bathroom spaces will be implemented.
    • Increased cleaning procedures will be in place for all community bathrooms during the fall semester, which may mean the bathroom is closed during certain parts of the day.
    • In-room custodial services (trash removal and vacuuming) in first year and sophomore residences will be paused this semester. Students will be given instructions on trash disposal at the beginning of the semester by their Resident Assistants.


    In order to limit community spread, it is necessary to limit contact between people in close quarters. Accordingly, no non-University guests and no overnight guests will be allowed in residence halls during the fall semester.


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