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    Career Development Begins Year One at Scranton

    The University of Scranton’s Gerard R. Roche Center for Career Development offers students advice on multiple resources to help plan for a successful career beginning their first year at Scranton.
    April 6, 2021

    The resources available through The University of Scranton’s Gerard R. Roche Center for Career Development are available to students as soon as they start at Scranton. The Career Roadmap, along with other resources on the Career Development website, provides students with year-to-year tips for their career success based on their major, beginning with their first-year on campus.

    “It’s never too early to prepare for your career,” said Chris Whitney, director of the Gerard R. Roche Center for Career Development, who would encourage students to meet with the Center’s staff. “When we understand their unique skills, talents and goals, we can better help them to identify opportunities early on that will position them for success.”

    The advice for the first-year student on the Career Roadmap was develop based on input from faculty, students and alumni. Tips include meeting with their academic advisors and getting to know their professors, as well as finding resources on campus to help students achieve and maintain strong G.P.A.s. The advice also suggests clubs and organizations on campus students can join, based on their majors, and enrichment programs offered by their colleges or academic departments in which students can participate.

    During their four-years at Scranton, students can use a number of resources offered through the Center for Career Development to prepare or update their resumes or to schedule a mock interview. The Center also has tools students can use to build their LinkedIn profile, such as LinkedIn University for Students or the LinkedIn Profile Checklist and several resources to assist students looking for internships, including paid experiential learning opportunities.

    In addition, the Center can provide resources to students who are undecided or thinking of changing their major, or who are applying to graduate or professional schools.

    According to the First Destination Survey report by the Center for Career Development, 99 percent of Scranton’s class of 2019 graduates, at both the undergraduate and graduate level, reported being successful in their choice of career path of either employment or pursuing additional education within six months of graduation.

    To learn more, visit the Center for Career Development website or use the drop-in zoom hours posted to speak with a career counselor.

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