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    University Updates Mask Policy

    The University of Scranton announced higher-grade masks will be optional indoors for fully-vaccinated and boosted students, faculty and staff, effective Monday, Feb. 28, except for classrooms, laboratories, shared offices and at campus liturgies.
    February 23, 2022

    The University of Scranton will relax masking requirements for students, faculty and staff on Monday, Feb. 28, the same date a vaccine booster requirement for those eligible becomes effective.

    The University announced as of Feb. 28, higher-grade masks are optional indoors for fully-vaccinated and boosted members of the University community with the following exceptions: classrooms, laboratories, shared offices and campus liturgies. There, higher-grade masks (N-95, KN-95) or double masking is still required.

    Members of the community who are unvaccinated or eligible but not boosted must wear higher-grade masks indoors throughout campus, as must invited guests who are on campus, regardless of their vaccination status. The University remains open only to students, faculty and staff and invited guests.

    The University also announced proof of vaccination is no longer required for visitors to attend athletic events.

    The full announcement can be seen on the Royals Back Together webpage.

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