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    Booster Vaccination Clinic Held on Campus

    Students enrolled in The University of Scranton’s nursing program helped to administer COVID-19 vaccination boosters at a clinic on campus on Feb. 17. Front row, from left: Sarah Bottazzi, New Providence, New Jersey; and Jessica Indelicato, Bethlehem. Back row: Emma Dougherty, Huntington, New York; and Sabrina LiVolsi, Washingtonville, New York.
    February 18, 2022

    The University of Scranton held a COVID-19 vaccine booster clinic for students, faculty and staff in the Byron Recreation Complex on Feb. 17.  The clinic was organized by the University’s Center for Health Education and Wellness (CHEW), who partnered with Hometown Health Care of NEPA to administer the vaccines. Both Moderna and Pfizer vaccine boosters were available.

    In addition to staff members of CHEW, 62 students, faculty and staff volunteered at the clinic, including 24 students enrolled in the University’s nursing program who helped to administer the vaccinations to nearly 350 University community members at the clinic.

    The University initiated a vaccine requirement for students and employees who are on campus for the fall semester and approximately 97 percent of the University’s students, faculty and staff are already fully vaccinated. A booster requirement for those eligible goes into effect on Feb. 28. In accordance with Pennsylvania law, the University has granted waivers for the vaccine requirements to students and employees for religious or medical reasons. University community members who were granted a waiver participate in weekly PCR testing and follow other health and safety guidelines.

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