Memo from Rev. Scott R. Pilarz, S.J. to the University Community

Aug 31, 2010

Dear Members of the University Community,

After a careful discernment process, I announce that my Provincial has given me permission to accept the position of President at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wis., beginning in summer 2011. The Board of Trustees at Marquette concluded their search today at a special meeting, and I wanted to share this news with you personally.

My service in Scranton continues to be the most privileged of my Jesuit life. While I look forward to the challenge of a new position, I must admit that leaving this place, leaving our wonderful community will not be easy. Our success together has turned heads around the country and captured the hearts of our students, families and alumni. We have so much of which to be proud, and I have so many reasons to be grateful.

At the same time, Saint Ignatius was clear in his vision for the Society that “…our home is the road.” Marquette, like Scranton, is an institution with roots in its local Diocese, a storied past, rich community and boundless potential. It is an institution poised to serve its more than 12,000 students, the Church and the world in new and exciting ways. I look forward to the challenge of leading this Catholic and Jesuit institution in all its complexity, bringing what I have learned from all of you at Scranton with me to Milwaukee.

I informed the Trustees and Administrators’ Conference earlier today and will be writing to our alumni this afternoon. Our Board Chair, Christopher Condron, will share information about the Board’s plans for choosing the next president.

Of course, we have a full year before us, and I pledge my full devotion to ensuring that we continue to move forward.


Scott R. Pilarz, S.J.

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