Sophomores Accepted into Honors Program at Scranton

Jun 15, 2012

Just 39 sophomore students were accepted to enter The University of Scranton’s Honors Program in 2012.

The multiple-year Honors Program, which includes students from all majors, enforces the tradition of excellence and personal development by challenging exceptional students with independent work and intense engagement with faculty and their peers. The prestigious program is designed to increase the student’s intellectual skills, self-reliance and personal accountability. The program requires each student to complete a yearlong comprehensive research, creative or independent project.

Students accepted into The University of Scranton’s Honors Program are:
Emmanuel Akpan
Peter Alexander
Emily Andrews
Carlyn Ball
Alexander Barbolish
Christian Burne
Joseph Buttacci
Dillon Cason
Emily DeMarco
Donald Fenocchi
Tyler Fenstermaker
Matthew Gentile
Andrew Gentilucci
Elisa Giusto
Samantha Grimaldi
Scott Holdren
Victoria Iacoviello
Marina Jeffery
Erich Junge
Michael Kelly
Kevin Kucharski
Deanna Lindberg
John McAndrew
Katelyn Moyer
Kelsey Murphy
Julianne Nielsen
Alyssa Norris
Adriana Nurkiewicz
Jaclyn Pardee
Anthony Phillip
Louis Porreca
John Pouso
Christopher Ritter
Danielle Salvadeo
Robin Sweeney
Cory Templeton
Martha Triano
Paul Van Loon
Eric Willis

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