University Hosts Pennsylvania Economic Association Annual Conference

Jul 1, 2013

The University of Scranton hosted the Pennsylvania Economic Association’s annual conference in June, which was attended by nearly 100 representatives of colleges and universities in Pennsylvania, other states and abroad. The three-day conference included featured addresses by Michael Silva, senior vice president in the Financial Institutions Supervision Group of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Peter Danchak, president of PNC Bank, NEPA Region, as well as presentations on the housing market, economic development, women and gender economics, taxation, education performance, health and public economics, minimum wage and the labor market, and other topics. Standing, from left, are Michael Mensah, Ph.D., dean of The University of Scranton’s Kania School of Management, Deborah Gougeon, Ph.D., of The University of Scranton and vice president of publicity for the Pennsylvania Economic Association, Danchak, and Tracy Miller, Ph.D., of Grove City College, president of the Pennsylvania Economic Association
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