Take Back the Night 2017

May 3, 2017
By: Kelly Lappin

Scranton’s Annual Take Back the Night (TBTN) event was held last Thursday on the Dionne Green. We talked to community outreach coordinator TBTN Megan Barr.

Q: What is Take Back the Night?

MB: Take Back the Night is an event to raise awareness and educate about the issue of sexual assault and violence. We host three components to the event which all hold specific meaning to the cause as a whole. The night starts with a pre-rally, which educate those in the community through interactive activities. We then have a rally which leads into a march. This part of the night brings the community together and is a great segway into our final event, which is the speak out. This is a space which gives those who have experienced any form of violence the opportunity to share their stories.

Q: Why is TBTN special at The University of Scranton? 

MB: While Take Back the Night is held all over the world, the Scranton community provides a great atmosphere to hold the event. I truly believe the community students often talk about on campus is seen in the best way at Take Back the Night.

Q: Why is this event special to you?

MB: This event has sparked a passion in me and has given me the opportunity to enact change with that passion. We have an amazing group of work study students and staff who devote their energy to make this possible and I am grateful to be part of that. Take Back the Night gives all attendees the chance to get what they need from the event. From education to passion, and even just being able to be heard, this is a truly special night. I will never forget the fire that ignited in me after attending my first Take Back the Night last year. Everyone has a place here.

View photos from Take Back the Night on Flickr.

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