Living Wage Report Snapshots

Faculty and students write about the Living Wage Report.
Living Wage Report Snapshots

We are thankful for the continued participation of students, staff, and faculty in our Living Wage initiative. During the spring semester, we shared reflections from three University of Scranton students (Class of 2017) who had completed assignments related to our project in Psychology of Diversity (PSYC 364), taught by Dr. Jessica Nolan, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology.

· The Poor are Uneducated? by Shelby Karboski

· The Poor are Depressed Alcoholics? by Christie Civil

· The Poor are Lazy? by Melissa Lopez

In a Scranton Times-Tribune op-ed entitled “Kernels of truth yield bushels of stereotypes,” Dr. Nolan argues that “The Living Wage Report challenges our stereotype of ‘the poor’ and forces us to consider how we can work together to address the gap between the minimum wage and a living wage. “

Dr. Meghan Ashlin Rich, Associate Professor in the Sociology, Criminal Justice And Criminology Department, published “Living wage critical to city’s revitalization.” Dr. Rich reflects that “As we revitalize our urban cores, in part to the tastes of the so-called ‘creative class,’ we must also be mindful of how low wages will keep some citizens from being able to afford all the new amenities.“ Finally, Dr. Will Cohen, Associate Professor of Theology / Religious Studies reflected on the "Living wage as matter of basic human dignity.

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