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By: Kassie Dunn

Study Abroad: Helpful Tips

Read about the Study Abroad office, how to apply for study abroad, and other helpful tips!
Study Abroad: Helpful Tips
Here at the University of Scranton, many students choose to study abroad whether its over the summer, intersession or for a full semester. However, when preparing for such a big step in life there is a lot that needs to get done! The preparation alone can be exhausting. Thankfully, a group of Scranton students have advice to give to those who wish to go abroad.

Junior Bethany Walsh studied abroad in Ireland over intersession and said that the Study Abroad Office at the University is very helpful. The program she set up her trip with really helped her to prepare. They gave her a list of things to bring and tips on what to pack. Walsh said to “do as much research as you can about the trip and not to be afraid to ask for help.”

Junior Megan Melchione went to Italy for a full semester. "Studying abroad is the best experience to create independence and travel to amazing places," she said. "I definitely recommend saving money in advance and having a plan before you go.”

A recent Study Abroad Fair gave students more information on deadlines, what certain countries are like, and what to expect when traveling.

Junior Kevin Duque works in the Study Abroad Office. “At the Study Abroad Office, we [the staff] like to encourage the entire student body to consider looking into studying abroad because most students don't realize that they have that option," he said. "Whether you're deciding on doing an intersession trip, a summer term or a full semester, the staff at the Study Abroad Office can help facilitate you through planning your trip and helping you through the application process.”

For those students who wish to study abroad, don’t forget that Rev. John Sivalon and the entire Study Abroad Office in Saint Thomas Hall are here to help! Or visit
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