One Department's Recent Faculty Achievements

November 27, 2017

Read about some recent faculty achievements in the Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Criminology Department:


Dr. Harry Dammer, after 15 years of service to our department, is now serving as the Associate
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and continues to teach required courses.

Professor David Friedrichs presented a paper on global legitimation issues at the Crime & Justice in
Asia and the Global South Conference in Cairns, Australia, in July, 2017. He has been appointed to
the Editorial Board of the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Criminology and has served on the New
Editor Selection Committee for Critical Criminology.

Dr. Michael Jenkins and student co-authors Kyle Conklin and John Sember published two book
chapters in The Use and Abuse of Police Power. Another student co-author, Dana Raciti, and Dr. Harry
Dammer published with Dr. Jenkins an article in American Correctional Association's Corrections Today.
Dr. Jenkins also presented a talk on reforming criminal justice at the University's Schemel Forum
event honoring the U.S. Constitution.

Drs. Ismail Onat, Loreen Wolfer, & Michael Jenkins presented on creating and using evidence-based
practices, to a group of 25 criminal justice and social service representatives.

Dr. Meghan Ashlin Rich was elected Chair of the Community Research and Development Division
of the Society for Study of Social Problems, a national activist-oriented professional association for sociologists. Her scholarly works on education, culture, and neighborhood gentrification were published in
the International Journal of Culture Policy and Education and Urban Society. Dr. Ashlin Rich was an invited
speaker at the City Futures and Urban Imaginaries workshop in Portland, OR and presented her research
on gentrification at the Society for the Study of Social Problems and the Urban Affairs Association.


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