Welcome to the Advent Daily Devotional

December 6, 2017

The Jesuit Center Staff and University Advancement invite you to join us on a spiritual journey through the holy season of Advent.

For those who wish to join us on this spiritual journey, you will receive in your inbox a daily reflection and prayer based on the Church's readings of the day. Each reflection and prayer has been prepared by a member of our university community.

These daily reflections and prayers will help each and every member of our Royal Family prepare their heart so as to experience the manifestation of God’s goodness in a more profound way on Christmas Day.

As we worked together to make this devotional a reality, we have been powerfully reminded of God’s grace flowing through each participant’s reflection. It has been a humbling experience to read through the diverse reflections offered in this devotional and we are excited to share them with you as friends and colleagues.  

The reflections presented in this devotional were formed from varied Christian traditions and perspectives, yet serve as a reminder that we are bound together by the great revelation of God’s incarnation. 

Whether you pray from the Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant tradition, we hope that your experience of praying with us during Advent will help you connect more profoundly with your family and friends, your community of worship, and those with whom you labor here at The University of Scranton.

Enjoy these reflections and Godspeed for the journey ahead.


The Jesuit Center Staff

Rev. Patrick Rogers, S.J.
Mr. Ryan Sheehan
Rev. James Redington, S.J. 

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