Taking Sursum Corda Nominations

2017 winners pictured, from left, are former University of Scranton President Kevin P. Quinn, S.J.; Sursum Corda Award recipients: Todd Perry, Frani Mancuso, Pauline Palko and Elizabeth Rozelle; and Patricia Tetreault, associate vice president for human resources; and Joseph Dreisbach, Ph.D., interim provost and senior vice president of academic affairs.
December 12, 2017

The Staff Senate has been asked to gather nominations for the Sursum Corda Award. The Staff Recognition & Excellence Awards Committee will be taking nominations.

Please fill out the attached nomination form as much as possible, it does not have to be 100 percent complete, and send it to or by Jan. 2, 2018.

Each year, a Sursum Corda Award is presented to three members of the University community:

A member of the Professional/Paraprofessional staff;
A member of Clerical/Technical staff; and
A member of the Maintenance/University Police staff

Please check your email for a nomination form. 

The Sursum Corda award is one meaningful way to recognize the contributions of our staff members.

I. The Description of the Award:
The Sursum Corda ("Lift Up Your Hearts") Award recognizes those members of the
University's staff who have made outstanding contributions to the life and mission of the
II. Categories:
A. Each year, a Sursum Corda Award will be presented to three members of the
University community:
 A member of the professional/paraprofessional staff;
 A member of the clerical/technical staff; and
 A member of the maintenance/University Police staff.
B. In order to be eligible for the award, a person must:
 Have spent at least five years in University service;
 Be nominated by his/her divisional leadership or by the Staff Senate
C. Categories of Excellence:
The nominees for the Sursum Corda Awards should have distinguished themselves
in one or more of the following ways:
 Shown exceptional dedication and/or creativity in performing his or her
duties, and
 Built, contributed, or nurtured the sense of community that has always been
the hallmark of our campus community, and
 Contributed in a significant way to helping members of our community
“grow to become the living presence of God in the world” (Fr. General
Nicolas, former Superior General of the Society of Jesus).
III. Nomination Process:
Each year, the divisional leadership of the University will be invited to nominate members
of staff from their areas for a Sursum Corda Award. In preparing their nominations, the vice
presidents will solicit input from the managers within their areas. The divisional leadership
will forward the nominations they wish to have considered for the awards to the Office of
Human Resources. Additionally, the Staff Senate will request nominations from all staff, by
providing this official Sursum Corda Award description, an award nomination form, both
electronic and printed, and collect nominations from any staff member. Divisional leaders
of each Staff Senate nominee will be invited to offer additional information to support the
nomination. The Sursum Corda Award description and nomination form is available on the
Human Resources website at
The Office of Human Resources will prepare the full roster of nominees and forward to the
Sursum Corda Committee. After reviewing all the nominations, the Committee will present
their recommendations to President’s Cabinet.
IV. A composition of the Sursum Corda Committee:
The Sursum Corda Selection Committee will consist of the following:
 The Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration;
 The Associate Vice President for Human Resources;
 The Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs;
 The University Chaplain
 The Executive Director of the Jesuit Center
V. The Award:
The recipients of the Sursum Corda Awards will receive an award certificate and cash bonus
of seven hundred fifty dollars.
The awards will be announced and presented annually at the Spring Convocation.

-Pauline Palko, Clerical/Technical
-Todd T. Parry, Maintenance/University Police
-Frani Mancuso, Professional/Paraprofessional
-Elizabeth A. Rozelle, Professional/Paraprofessional
-Susan Falbo, Clerical/Technical
-Timothy J. O’Connor, Maintenance/University Police
-Margaret Cullen-Brown, Professional/Paraprofessional
-Glen T. Pace, Professional/Paraprofessional
-Synthia Guthrie-Kretsch, Clerical/Technical
-Karl R. Kretsch, Maintenance/University Police
-Diane S. Muniz, Clerical/Technical
-Carol L. Cornell, Professional/Paraprofessional
-Mary Sandra Watson, Clerical/Technical
-James Gaffney, Professional/Paraprofessional
-Sherry L. Edwards, Maintenance/University Police
-Kym Balthazar, Fetsko Clerical/Technical
-Brian G. Pelcin, Professional/Paraprofessional
-Barbara H. King, Professional/Paraprofessional
-James Piazza, Maintenance/University Police
-Donna Rupp, Clerical/Technical
-Gerianne Barber, Professional/Paraprofessional
-David Wilson, Professional/Paraprofessional
-Debra Cwalinski, Maintenance/University Police
-Nancy Gownley, Clerical/Technical
-Paulette Karlavige, Professional/Paraprofessional
-Thomas Yablonski, Maintenance/University Police
-Mark Fischettim, Clerical/Technical
-Patricia Vaccaro, Professional/Paraprofessional
-Bryant Benjamin, Maintenance/University Police
-Mary Ann Maslar, Clerical/Technical
-Vincent F. Merkel, Professional/Paraprofessional
-William F. Hurst, Maintenance/University Police
-Paulette M. Burton, Clerical/Technical
-Barbara R. Wagner, Professional/Paraprofessional
-Kevin Grebeck, Maintenance/University Police
-Karl Johns, Clerical/Technical
-Bonnie Strohl, Professional/Paraprofessional
-Eugene Kohut, Maintenance/University Police
-Peggy Burke, Clerical/Technical
-Cheryl Boga, Professional/Paraprofessional
-Valentine Ghergo, Maintenance/University Police
-Patricia Suhanick, Clerical/Technical
-Susan Patten, Professional/Paraprofessional
-Joseph Mariani, Maintenance/University Police
-Karyn Salitsky, Clerical/Technical
-Jack McNamara, Professional/Paraprofessional
-Rosalie Sakevich, Maintenance/University Police
-Pamela Gavin, Clerical/Technical
-Marie Karam, Professional/Paraprofessional
-John Monahan, Maintenance/University Police

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