Alumni Share #LoveScranton Moments

February 6, 2018

"Not where I breathe, but where I love, I live."

With those 10 words, Robert Southwell, S.J., expressed the importance of love and passion to the human condition nearly 500 years ago. Today, several University of Scranton alumni have chosen to share their love of Scranton with their Royal family by recalling some of their favorite memories, proving pieces of their hearts will always live on campus.


Paul Batt '66

"One of the most memorable experiences occurred during my senior year. Jim McNulty and John A. Walsh were vying to become student body president. At a planned debate on the steps of the now-defunct student center, John A., who was the play-by-play announcer for Royals basketball on our radio station, WUSV, was haranguing Jim about his lack of enthusiasm for attending the games. Jim, having had about enough, strode to the microphone and confirmed that in his mind John A. was indeed 'a huge athletic supporter.' Jim won the election and later became Mayor of Scranton. John A. went on to head ESPN.

Paul Batt

P.S. Picture of me and my wife, a Marywood grad. We met in October of my freshman year at a Scranton mixer and married 5 years later on April fool’s day in 1967."


Mary Beth D'Andrea '82


"2016 Graduate School Commencement. A memorable Scranton moment for my family was when Nicholas became a 'Double Royal.' He received his Master's Degree in Accounting in May 2016. He and I are both 'Double Royals.'"


Kevin Dermody '13


"Three generations of University of Scranton graduates, pictured at the 2013 Class Awards night: Thomas P. Cummings, Sr. '52; Ellen Cummings Dermody '84; Kevin P. Dermody '13; and George T. Dermody, Parent of Class of 2013 graduate. Tribute: 'Scranton runs in our family!'"


Michael Griffin '81


(From left, David Burns ’81, Donald Liotta ’81 and Griffin.)

"The University of Scranton cemented lifelong bonds with the best friends I have today!"


Christine Fanelle Gutekunst '85


"The mountains in view and nearby The University of Scranton inspired me to take up hiking, a lifetime joy that my family and I enjoy doing together at home and wherever we travel. No class reunion is complete without a walk up to Nay Aug Park!"


Theresa Rice Haughey '87


"Favorite memory - walking the Commons and seeing all the painted signs hanging over the Student Center informing us of parties, clubs, 'things going on' around campus prior to social media days! The outside steps of the student center were the heart of the campus; you could always find someone to hang out with in between classes."


Kevin Kucharski '85


"1985, 2014 and 2016 represented!"


Stephanie Longo '03


"My favorite memory at the University was when my Aunt Jennie, who immigrated to the United States from Italy, came to visit me on campus one day. I was an Italian major and we had to watch a movie for Italian class and she came down to watch with me. We ended up walking around campus a bit and she mentioned that she took sewing classes as a child in old Leahy Hall. Sewing was her passion! We went inside and she took me right to the room where her classes were held. She passed away in 2008 and when old Leahy Hall was torn down, I took a piece of the rubble so I could always have something to remember that day. The piece of rubble now sits on my desk in my home office."


Patrick McKenzie '06


"When I am asked why I love the University so much, my response is because of the community. Every party, wedding, event, incorporates a picture of Scranton alumni because we are incredibly proud of that community."


Kathleen Bowe Mulderrig '87


"I have too many fond memories of my time at Scranton to write about just one.The common theme is that I made so many friendships that will last me forever. I loved the community aspect of the school, where even the professors cared about the students as people. It was fun to attend and always fun to go back."


Colleen Neary '88


"First day of a lifetime of Scranton love. Nevil's Hall, August 31, 1984."


Joy Oliver '02

"My son James is 18 months old. His favorite article of clothing is his Scranton sweatshirt. He calls it 'Purple.' We have to wash it constantly because he asks to wear it so often. So here's to you, Scranton, on your 130th birthday. James and the Herrick Family wish you many more."


Jess Palmeri '11


"Natalie Burke ’11, Chris Lantero ’11, Jessica Palmeri ’11, G’13 and Chris Ozoniak ’11 look off into their bright, beautiful futures after Baccalaureate Mass 2011."


Mary Roslonowski '92, G'95


"One favorite memory of Scranton was attending the Smithereens Concert at the gym in February 1992. It was a packed house and it was a really cold night. We listened to their CD over and over again after the concert. The other favorite memory was eating breakfast at the dining hall where they would make you any omelette you wanted or those giant waffles. We loved going there after ROTC PT at 6 a.m."


Mike '99 and Susanna '01 Short


"About a year ago, Fr. Panuska passed away, and we reflected on his invitation to join the Scranton community years ago, so that we could 'grow not only in wisdom, but also in grace.' We are forever grateful to have responded to that invitation as our Scranton experiences have been woven into the fabric of our family's life. We remain good friends with many of the people we connected with on campus back in the late 90's and we've stayed involved in alumni networks. We were out to dinner recently with a non-Scranton friend who commented that he's met many Scranton alums over the years and that he's amazed by how every single grad he's met had a genuinely enriching and overwhelmingly positive experience at Scranton. Isn't it the truth? We proudly display the Gunster sign at our house, and we remember the life-changing experiences we had in a building that no longer exists - in The Aquinas office, in student government, in campus ministry, and even in the cafeterias. We often think of professors who challenged and inspired us. We reminisce about the parties and dorm room hangouts. We recall retreats at Chapman Lake and Masses at Madonna. In every memorable moment, there resides an intangible spirit of community, connectedness, and camaraderie. In essence, The University of Scranton is a good place where good people do good things. We were honored to bring our son to campus for the first time last year as we marked the endowment of our 'Men and Women For and With Others' Scholarship. As we walked the Commons together and remarked on changes to buildings and spaces, we noted that the spirit remains the same. How blessed we are to carry that spirit with us and to pass it along to a future generation. May we be persistent in our pursuit of wisdom and grace."


Mara Smith '13


"During our final semester, our SJLA class went on a retreat at Chapman Lake. The entire weekend was filled with laughter and love, but the greatest manifestation of such came during one of our final afternoon sessions. We were each supposed to go around the room and anyone who wanted to could say something kind about the person whose turn it was. What was intended to be a one-hour session became FIVE hours of tears, hugs, laughter, apologies, forgiveness and so much love. I still get chills thinking of how beautiful it was to sit in true community with individuals I had spent my time at Scranton learning and growing with. Over our four years together at Scranton, I think we each fell in love with SJLA and each other, in whatever individual ways our souls allowed."


Joe Sorbera '08


"Who can forget the first time The Office came to Scranton? The whole school (and city!) had such an exciting vibe. It was great waiting with almost the whole school form very early in the morning, being on the Today Show, and meeting the cast, who couldn't have been nicer (and, I think, more shocked at the welcome they received!)."


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