The Multicultural Center Presents: Glynis John

February 6, 2018
Join us for Glynis Johns' presentation 'But You're Black: The Overlooked Community of Scranton, Pennsylvania' on Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 7 p.m. in DeNaples 4th floor, Room 405. We look forward seeing you there!

Professor Glynis M. Johns is a 24-year old native Scrantonian. Her career as a Sociologist began at St. John?s University in Queens, New York where she earned her M.A. and B.A. in Sociology.

Her teaching and research interests focus on critical race theories and socio-historical analysis, She has dedicated the last four years of her research to identifying and highlighting the local contributions of minority leaders in Scranton Pennsylvania. Professor Johns has built an unscrupulous blueprint for socio-historical analysis. Her work has unearthed the efforts of African Americans in the Scranton community as early as the 1880s. Her findings are presented in her graduate thesis, But You're Black: The Overlooked Community of Scranton, Pennsylvania, but are not modestly contained within those pages. Her campaign, known as the Local Heritage Initiative has been championed by Scranton's City Council, garnered support from Mayor William L. Courtright, features in local publications including Scranton Times-Tribute, and recently earned an endorsement from Architectural Heritage Association (AHA). The AHA has graciously pledged to fund two historical markers that will commemorate the lives of George W. Brown and Thomas H. Howes: two of Scranton's most remarkable business minds.

Glynis Johns' work is the foundation to an Initiative designed to incite local pride as well as unite and preserve cultures as we learn to respect their interwoven contribution process.
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