Advice for the New Semester

February 6, 2018
By: Kayla Johnson

Returning to campus after a (rather long) intersession break can be just as hard as an adjustment as starting a new school year after a summer at home. That's why we asked Dean Rivera, the associate vice provost for Student Formation & Campus Life and dean of students, her thoughts on what students should keep in mind as they settle back into life on campus and hunker down for another semester at The University of Scranton.


Develop a schedule:

"As students return for the start of a new semester with new courses, it’s important to remember to develop a new schedule to manage your time wisely, establish relationships with your faculty, and ensure you are connected to the appropriate support, for example, tutoring and counseling. Don’t wait until you are struggling to do these things!"

Get involved:

"Sometimes people, especially first-year students, are reluctant to get involved in clubs, service, retreats, etc. in the fall semester for fear of being overwhelmed. With the fall semester behind you, challenge yourself to get involved in 1-2 positive campus social experiences. You won’t regret it!"

Help others:

"Remember how special our community is and do your part to foster this! Be active - in the classroom, in clubs and in service. Help others in need - it’s what Royals do! Honor your commitment to the Student Code of Conduct."

So, as we all look to the semester ahead keep Dean Rivera's advice in mind!

Have a great semester and welcome back!

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