A Selection from Esprit

Mohonk Mountain Mantis Man, featured in Esprit (Photo by Karlie Ashcroft)
April 24, 2018

Read the latest issue of Esprit: The University of Scranton Review of Arts and Letters, a publication of the University of Scranton English Department. A poem and a photo from the publication are here.

I heard the wolves were coming back
Peter Shaver

The wolves
left their black-almond eyes reflected
in the darkness
of little lakes

when they fled
into memory.

I think of them
before they were slaughtered.

Pounding over streams,
snapping at
snow and
what strays
from warm circles,

carrying songs
that circle and stalk
through stilled blood.

Then, tattered wet fur
in the dirt.
The last of them,

I saw a study say
they would come back,
slowly, this way.
Something about high populations
in Yellowstone
and climate change.

With their black eyes
not reflecting
they creep slow across
the continent,
deep dark pools
of wild
and no intention.

Read the fall issue of Esprit here.

Esprit, a co-curricular activity of the English department, is published twice yearly by the students of The University of Scranton. The content is the responsibility of the editors and does not necessarily reflect the views of the administration or faculty. The University subscribes to the principle of responsible freedom of expression for its student editors.

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