Department of Political Science - Inaugural Newsletter

The Department of Political Science released its inaugural newsletter!
The Brophy family enjoy the summer sun together. From left: Timmy, Elaine (Mimick) ’92, Brenden and Eric ’92.
The Brophy family enjoy the summer sun together. From left: Timmy, Elaine (Mimick) ’92, Brenden and Eric ’92.

This is an excerpt from the Department of Political Science's Newsletter:

Ignatian Global Citizenship Program

"With the support of the Ignatian Global Citizenship Program, I was able to attend the Ignatian Teach-In for Justice. As an aspiring immigration attorney, I tailored my experience at the teach-in to my academic and personal interests by attending several breakout sessions that focused on the U.S. immigration system. This experience was a unique and rare opportunity to hear firsthand accounts of the struggles and obstacles that undocumented immigrants face in this country. This conference strongly reinforced my desire to be an advocate and voice for immigrants and I feel very lucky to have been able to attend it." Kylie Mignat, Class of 2018

Thanks to the generosity of two University of Scranton alumni, Elaine and Eric Brophy ‘92, the Department of Political Science will support The Ignatian Global Citizenship Program (IGCP) for the next five years. The IGCP prepares students for careers of public service grounded in our Catholic, Jesuit values. It seeks to enhance our students’ awareness of government operations, the development of public policy and how it is established, and how our students might engage in more active and effective citizenship. The program provides experiential learning experiences and immersion programs that fosters a culture of civic engagement and global awareness. Specifically, the IGCP prepares students for careers in public service through support for student research, lectures, networking opportunities with alumni in government and international affairs, and educational trips. In the spring, we are hosting an alumni panel on March 22, three Political Dialogue events, and a trip to Harrisburg on April 18. The IGCP will also support students as they present their research at the Pennsylvania Political Science Association annual conference in West Chester.

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