TSC Consultant’s Corner

April 5, 2018

Meet our TSC student consultants! They are an important part of the Technology Support Center team, as they answer phone calls and in-person questions about a wide range of topics related to computing, technology and other IT services.


Graduate, Class of 2018

Major: Software Engineering

I have been a student consultant for one year and about seven months. What I like most about being a student consultant is that I get to help solve issues from students, and whoever calls or comes down for help.

My favorite movie is the complete Harry Potter series while my favorite hobby is badminton.

I am an international student and I get to experience best of both worlds. I come from India, and I have discovered many new things while experiencing something new every day in this fo

reign land. I like to share my experiences towards the differences in culture and ways of living, which is a great learning curve for me.

My favorite thing about the University of Scranton is that there are so many wonderful activities happening around the campus every week, where I get to meet different kinds of students whenever I attend such events.

Why should other students consider employment at the TSC? The TSC as a whole is a great place to work and improve your communication skills and knowledge about technology used in day-to-day activities at the University. The Technology Support Center helped me learn about new electronic devices that I never knew existed. Every day becomes an adventure to complete the tasks on the daily sheet, which is a lot of fun.



Class of 2021

Major: Finance

Minor: Sociology

Hi! My name is Christine and I am a first-year student. I became a student consultant last Fall, about six months ago. What I enjoy most at the TSC is helping people resolve issues. Even if it is something as simple as connecting a laptop to our wireless network, you know that you have made that 

person’s day a little better.

My favorite companion animals are cats. In my spare time, I enjoy sleeping, playing video games with my friends. My preferred character to play in Overwatch is a toss-up between Reaper, Ana, and d.Va right now.

I love the University community. For the most part, everyone is super friendly and willing to help if you ask.

Why should other students consider employment at the TSC? You learn some pretty neat things about the University. In addition, Kathy, she is really fun to listen to.


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