StudentApr 20, 2018Campus News
By: Rachel Kranick

Scranton Pre-Vet Students Vaccinate Lambs

The University of Scranton Pre-Vet Club traveled to a sheep farm in Nicholson, PA, where they gained valuable veterinary experience vaccinating lambs.
Scranton Pre-Vet Students Vaccinate Lambs

The University of Scranton Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club recently conducted a field trip to Rocky Meadows Sheep Farm in Nicholson. The Pre-Vet Club seeks to provide experiences for students interested in veterinary medicine. Experience working with small and large animals is required before attending a vet school. Working with large animals is oftentimes the most difficult experience to acquire.

Under the direction of Dana Hardisky, DVM ’11, students from the Pre-Vet Club helped to administer CD&T vaccines to approximately 70 lambs. Students were taught proper handling techniques required to capture and immobilize lambs safely. They also received instruction for proper syringing of vaccines and sterile technique for subcutaneous injections. Students also observed treatment of an abscess and castrations.

Dr. Hardisky explained some of the management considerations for lamb production and procedures to care for newborn lambs through the weaning period. Students observed lambs ranging in age from 3 days to 10 weeks old. Students enjoyed their work experience in the new sheep barn.

The Pre-Vet Club students would like to thank Dr. Michael Hardisky of the Biology Department and his daughter, Dana Hardisky, DVM for this incredible experience!

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