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By: Laura Freedman '19

My University Internship: A Reflection

Student examines the significance of University Advancement internship.
My University Internship: A Reflection

One of the first lessons you learn at a Jesuit institution is the importance of reflection. Reflection has the power to take everyday, seemingly ordinary experiences and turn them into profound, didactic moments. Reflection can help you truly appreciate the opportunities and gifts you have received and will receive throughout your lifetime. You never truly realize how much something has impacted your trajectory in life until you have taken the time to think over everything that it took to take you from point A to point B.

I feel I always have a spike in the amount of time I spend reflecting whenever an academic year comes to a close. The beginning of the spring semester, let alone the beginning of the fall semester, manages to paradoxically feel like it was yesterday and years ago all at the same time. It feels strange to think about the person I was and the person I have become in a period of time that seems so short to me.

As I begin to take the time to reflect over everything that has happened to me this past academic year, I cannot help but acknowledge something that has had quite a positive impact on my life: my internship with The University of Scranton’s Advancement Team.

Toward the end of the 2017 fall semester, I saw an ad for an internship with the University Advancement Team that would take place during the 2018 spring semester. The internship was geared toward communication majors as it would entail writing press releases, taking photographs, editing videos and other communication-related activities. After reviewing all the details about the internship, I decided that it would be something I would be interested in doing, so I applied.

Before the start of winter break, I received great news: I got the position. Throughout winter break I could not help but look forward to returning to Scranton. My internship with the University Advancement Team would be my first internship ever. I was excited to get back to school and get to work.

I officially started my internship during the second week of classes. One of my first assignments was to get footage from the University’s Wall of Fame ceremony that took place on February 10. I got to use a handheld stabilizer, which is a device used to make sure footage you shoot on your phone is steady, for the first time. I also got to interview the former student-athletes who were inducted on that day. Overall, I will never forget that assignment primarily because this was one of my first major assignments that I got to do during my internship.

One of my favorite things about my internship was the fact that I got to report on events that I was interested in. In some cases, I even got to attend events that I was interested in but may not have attended on my own had I not been asked to cover it for my internship. A prime example of this was the Women in Business Luncheon and Panel that was hosted by the Kania School of Management. I had been extremely interested in attending this event; I was hesitant to go, however, because I did not know anyone else who was going. I was happy that I was asked to cover this event because I felt more comfortable going to the luncheon and panel by myself under the guise that I was covering it just “for work.” Going to the luncheon and panel is definitely one of my highlights from the 2018 spring semester. I was able to listen to women who work in sectors that I aspire to work in after graduation share wisdom and advice on how to build a successful career.

Some my favorite assignments that I worked on during my internship were whenever I got to take pictures around campus or create art on Canva that would be posted on Advancement’s social media outlets. I enjoyed these assignments as a chance to develop my creativity in an outlet other than writing.

During my internship, I also got to witness how powerful teamwork is in the workplace. Throughout the spring semester, the Advancement Team prepared for 5.06, the University’s Day of Giving. I got to see firsthand all the time and energy everyone put into their work in order to make the event a success.

I cannot end my reflection on my experience interning with the University Advancement Team without acknowledging the members of the Advancement Team. Everyone on the Advancement Team quickly became a friendly face I knew I could turn to if I ever had any questions. I am grateful that I got to work with so many amazing people who I now can wave hello to whenever I see them on campus.

I especially want to thank my mentor, Tom Salitsky, for all the guidance he has provided me throughout the semester. With his help, I feel that I have learned a lot of practical skills that will help me in my career after I graduate from The University of Scranton. I was very lucky to have a mentor as patient and helpful as he was.  

While I am sad that my time with the Advancement Team has come to a close, I am happy that I was fortunate to intern with them this past semester. Work never felt like work whenever I went to my internship. This experience has helped me feel more confident in myself and my plans for after I graduate. Having validation that I am pursuing the right field is a gift like no other, and I cannot express how grateful I am that my internship with the Advancement Team was able to give that validation to me.

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