Scranton Launches Business Honors Program

    The University will offer a new Business Honors Program beginning in the fall 2018 semester. This is the fourth honors program offered at Scranton.
    July 30, 2018
    The University of Scranton will offer a new honors program for talented students interested in pursuing a rigorous, Jesuit-inspired business education that encourages service for and with others.

    This fall, a cohort of 19 incoming students will begin as the first members of the four-year Business Honors Program at Scranton.

    “The program includes an academic curriculum designed to promote and develop the business acumen and interpersonal skills needed for successful careers of leadership in business, in addition to components that focus on the professional development of the individual through a series of extracurricular activities in the areas of service and career building,” said Murli Rajan, Ph.D., interim dean of the Kania School of Management.

    Dr. Rajan expects the honors program will appeal to highly-motivated students with exceptional academic abilities, who are interested in pursuing a challenging and academically rigorous degree in business.

    Students in the Business Honors Program will take 12 honors-level business courses over four years in the fields of economics, entrepreneurship, operations management, accounting, finance, international business, marketing and management. Students will also complete an honors thesis, which they will prepare with the guidance of a faculty research mentor, and two of the following three options: an internship, study abroad or a journal publication. In addition, the program requires participation in annual community service projects as well as professional development programs and other requirements. Membership in the program also requires that student G.P.A.s not fall below 3.5 for two consecutive semesters.

    The students enrolled in the program for the fall 2018 semester were invited into the program based on their high school academic performance and involvement in extracurricular activities, in addition to their potential for scholarship and expectation of the contributions they can make to the program. Although most will enter the program in the fall semester of their freshman year, students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher can apply for admission to the program in the spring semester of their first year as well.

    The Business Honors Program is the fourth honors program offered at the University and the second open to freshman. The other three honors programs are the four-year Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Honors Program, the three-year undergraduate Honors Program and two-year Business Leadership Honors Program.
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