2018-2019 Strategic Initiatives Funding Awardees

    September 18, 2018

    Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

    In December of 2016, the University announced the creation of a Strategic Initiatives Funding pool to support new, innovative projects that further the goals of the University’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020: An Engaged, Integrated, Global Student Experience. The Strategic Initiatives Funding pool was made possible by cost savings and revenue generation realized through the Comprehensive Resource Review process, spearheaded by the Office of Finance & Administration.

    Once again in spring 2018, the University has made available another round of strategic initiatives funding. I am delighted to report that the process was very successful, resulting in the submission and review of proposals by the University Planning Committee, with requests totaling over $200,000.  Sixteen proposals were ultimately funded, totaling an investment of $188,000

    They are:

    Title: Faculty Led Study Abroad Expansion Fund
    Author: Fr. John Sivalon
    Award Amount:  $20,000
    Title:  Humanities Initiative
    Author: Dr. Matthew Meyer
    Award Amount:  $20,000
    Title:  STEAM Activities for School/Community Groups
    Authors:  Julie Schumacher Cohen 
    Award Amount:  $5,765
    Title:  CLN Nursing Academic Practice Partnership
    Authors:  Dr. Sharon Hudacek, Dr. Mary Jane DiMattio
    Award Amount: $18,450
    Title:  Psychology Research Immersion Program
    Authors:  Dr. Jessica Nolan
    Award Amount:  $12,000
    Title:  Center for Community-Based Learning
    Author:  Dr. Megan Rich, Julie Schumacher Cohen 
    Award Amount:  $45,500
    Title:  Refugee Crisis Committee Programming
    Author:  Dr. Helen Wolf
    Award Amount:  $9,180
    Title: JUHAN Conference Student Support
    Author: Dr. Michael Allison and Dr. Catherine Lovecchio
    Award Amount: $10,450
    Title: Nepal Environmental Science/Studies Study Abroad Immersion Course Development
    Author: Mark Murphy
    Award Amount: $11,450
    Title: Political Bubbles Programming Support
    Author: Dr. Teresa Grettano
    Award Amount: $10,850
    Title: Global Clean Water Initiative
    Author: Jaclyn Camson and Marissa Frank (Student Proposal)
    Award Amount: $5,000
    Title: Holi Festival of Colors Event
    Author: Kody Fitzgerald,  Alexis Ward (Student Proposal)
    Award Amount: $1,800
    Title: Safe Zone Training Expansion
    Author: Betty Rozelle, Maria Marinucci
    Award Amount: $4,000
    Title: Domestic Service Program Support
    Author: Dr. Helen Wolf
    Award Amount: $9,724
    Title: Online Advising Scheduling Tool Pilot
    Author: Cindy Hricko
    Award Amount: $2,145
    Title: Uganda Study Abroad Course Development
    Author: Dr. Charles Pinches
    Award Amount: $2,700
    Details about each project is available on the strategic plan web site,
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