Ignatian Global Citizenship Program

    September 19, 2018

    This article originally appeared in the Political Science newsletter, which you can read here.

    "The Voter Engagement Conference taught students how to develop their own voter engagement groups on campus. This was specifically intriguing for our University because we are trying to change our culture of political apathy. The conference actually evolved into a summer project I will personally be heading for Student Government. After attending the conference, we learned that to change the culture on campus, we need to get students registered. Registering students coupled with a streamlined precinct process can encourage local politicians to pay attention to student issues. All-in-All, the experience was something I never believed a college could create I hope to create a program that can come to last on campus to change our politically apathetic trend." - Matthew Coughlin, Class of 2019

    The Ignatian Global Citizenship Program (IGCP) sponsored several successful spring events and provided financial support for students to participate in statewide conferences. Matt Coughlin attended a Voter Engagement Conference at Franklin and Marshall. Matt is a double major in Political Science and Philosophy, member of the Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Honors Program (SJLA) and University of Scranton Honors Program. He is now President of Student Government.

    Kylie Mignat (pictured) presented her research on “Framing Undocumented Immigrants in the Media: Effects on Public Support for Immigration Policies” at two conferences and on campus. In May, she graduated summa cum laude with a triple major in International Studies, German Cultural Studies, and Hispanic Studies, as well as Latin American Studies concentration. After graduation, Kylie accepted a position as a bilingual legal advocate at My Sister’s Place, an organization that “strives to end domestic violence and human trafficking through comprehensive services, advocacy and community education.”

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