Information Literacy Program Launches Instructi...

    October 10, 2018
    By: Donna Witek

    As part of its strategic efforts to streamline and improve the provision of instructional services and support student learning and success, The University of Scranton’s Information Literacy program has developed a new way for course faculty to request information literacy instruction in their courses.

    The new Information Literacy Instruction Request Form is in place for the Fall 2018 semester. The form facilitates successful collaboration between faculty librarians and course faculty who want a librarian to visit their classes to teach information literacy within their courses. It does this by capturing key information about the instruction request — including information about the research assignment in the course, preferred dates for the visit by a librarian, and course faculty expectations for students as a result of the librarian visiting the class — at the earliest point in the request process.

    The benefits of this request format are significant. Having this information early in the scheduling process supports the Research & Instruction librarians in preparing high-quality learning experiences for students. It also aids in efficient scheduling processes on the Library’s end, including booking the Library’s information literacy classroom and scheduling librarians to teach. Furthermore, collecting consistent information about the courses we support with instructional services promotes better assessment of these services and the student learning they facilitate. An online form that asks the same things of all who request information literacy instruction for their students represents a best practice in the field of academic librarianship, and the Library is excited to implement this improved service for the University community. The Library’s Information Literacy program supports the development of information literacy in University of Scranton students at all levels of study through collaboration with course faculty. The faculty librarians in the Research & Scholarly Services department develop customized, course-integrated learning experiences for students, which may take the form of workshops, lectures, presentations, activities, research guides, or a combination of these teaching formats.

    If you are a faculty member (full- or part-time) at The University of Scranton, you may request information literacy instruction for any of your courses. Visit for more information about our instructional services and to access the new Information Literacy Instruction Request Form. For questions about the Information Literacy program, please contact Donna Witek, Information Literacy Coordinator, at

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