Professor Discusses Central America Migrant Caravan

    October 24, 2018

    A political science professor from the University of Scranton is an expert on Central America. He's using current events in the classroom and getting his students to understand what is happening in that region of the world.

    Michael Allison is a political science and Latin American politics professor at the University of Scranton. He has traveled to Central America for the last 20 years, spending quite some time in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

    "It's a region I feel very passionate about, and help our students better understand what's going on in the region," Allison said.

    Like many Americans, Allison is watching closely as the caravan of 7,000 continues toward the U.S.

    "For the last four years, we've seen a real increase in the numbers of Central Americans coming to the U.S., and there's been an effort by our students to understand why people, particularly from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, are coming to the United States," Allison said.

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