Sursum Corda Award Nominations Needed

    November 30, 2018

    The Staff Senate has been asked to gather nominations for the Sursum Corda Award. The Staff Recognition & Excellence Awards Committee will be taking nominations. Check your email for the award information sheet, a list of past recipients and the award nomination form.

    Please fill out the nomination form as much as possible (it does not have to be 100 percent complete) and send it to or

    No later than Monday, Dec. 10

    Each year, a Sursum Corda Award is presented to three members of the University Community:

               A member of the Professional/Paraprofessional staff;

               A member of Clerical/Technical staff; and

               A member of the Maintenance/University Police staff

    The Sursum Corda Award is one meaningful way to recognize the contributions of our staff members. 

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