Yamile Silva Profiled in Times-Tribune

    Yamile Silva Photo Courtesy The Times-Tribune/Christopher Dolan, Staff Photographer
    December 3, 2018

    This is just a selection of the profile that appeared in The Scranton Times-Tribune. Read the entire profile here.

    Growing up in Bogotá, Colombia, the daughter of two lawyers, Yamile Silva assumed she would follow in her parents’ footsteps and become an attorney one day.

    But rather than showing a predilection for debate and heated courtroom exchanges, Silva instead exhibited a passion for conversation, culture and the written word.

    Living in the capital city until she was 23 fueled this love of communing with others and exploring the arts, Silva said. A metropolis of about 10 million citizens, Bogotá offered an always-warm climate and diversity that made it a study in humanity.

    “It’s a vibrant city in terms of culture,” Silva described. “Very cosmopolitan. I remember always going to the movies every two to three days. I was outgoing, involved in dance, theater, and I loved reading aloud.”

    When she began her collegiate studies, Silva’s love for words flourished in literature classes rather than pre-law courses.

    “I was very passionate in those classes,” Silva said. “One that changed me was Latin American Women Writers. The teacher recognized in me potential and put me in touch with graduate schools.”

    She went on to attend the University of Massachusetts for her master’s degree and doctorate, and she spent her first year after grad school in a visiting position at a college in Maine. The temporary position meant that Silva needed to find a tenure track, and as an immigrant, she especially needed to connect with a school that would be willing to sponsor her green card.

    She accepted an offer from University of Scranton and joined its Department of World Languages and Cultures in 2009. 

    Read about her work at Scranton, here.

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