Faculty and Staff: Walk on the Moon Exercise Challenge

    January 2, 2019

    Walk on the Moon Challenge-Register now!

    The University of Scranton has been challenged by Misericordia University to compete against local colleges (Misericordia, Kings, Wilkes and LCCC) in a virtual exercise challenge that will collectively take us to the moon. The challenge will start on January 1, 2019, and will last for 16 weeks. Any type of exercise will count (miles, minutes or steps) and ALL exercise will be converted into steps for the challenge. The challenge is going to take all of our effort as it will require us to cover 238,900 miles or 516,024,000 steps. 

    Join the University of Scranton Team and help us earn bragging rights as the most active campus in NEPA. Collectively we can do it! Register now!

    Walk on the Moon in 2019
    Click on this link to register:

    When can I start my workouts? Anytime starting Jan. 1, 2019.

    How many weeks is the challenge? The challenge will be 16 weeks.

    Can I combine logging miles, steps and minutes? Yes, if you do multiple workouts you can add your miles, steps and minutes. Do not duplicate entries for the same exercise. For example, running a mile should only be logged as miles or minutes, not both. If you run a mile and lift weights for an hour, you can enter your miles AND time.

    How can I keep track of my steps? You can use a Fitbit or other tracking device. There are free apps for your phone that will keep track of steps as well as miles or minutes. S Health for Android is one example. You can also just log your minutes and they will be converted into steps.

    Can I log my strength training too? Yes. You can log all of your workouts including Cardiovascular, strength training and fitness classes by the amount of time it takes for you to complete the activity.

    How do I log my workouts? Go to the same link above. Once you are registered, the link will by-pass the registration area and send you right to your workout log. You can log workouts only 1 time per day, so if you do multiple workouts wait until you have completed all of your workouts for the day and then enter the total for the day. *Note-once you submit your workout for the day you will not be able to log additional time to that day. 

    Can spouses or students join? No, the rules are that only employees can participate (no spouses or students).

    Can you join at any time within the 16 weeks? Yes, you can join anytime. New employees can join as soon as they have an email address. 

    Who is administering the challenge? Misericordia is the administrator and oversees the challenge.

    What if I lose my password? When you sign up, you will receive an email with the link and a password. I strongly suggest that you copy and paste the password to log in for the first time AND save it, so you do not have to retype the password each time you want to log an entry. 
    After you register, you will see a page that states the challenge will start in January. 

    Will prizes be awarded? The biggest prize will be bragging rights as the most active NEPA colleges! However, because we love to motivate our employees, The University of Scranton Employee Wellness program will award prizes to the top 5 employees with the most logged-in Steps, Minutes, or Miles for the 16 weeks. We are competing in two different categories -- most overall steps and highest average steps. Exercise is entered on the honor system. 

    This is a great collaboration to have with area schools to show a sense of community. CHEW wants to motivate and encourage you to improve your health and start the New Year off right! Happy Holidays!

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