Bursting our Political Bubbles: A Dialogue Across Differences

    February 20, 2019

    The University of Scranton's Political Dialogues Working Group, comprised of several campus partner offices and departments, will be holding three dialogue sessions during the spring semester. This was made possible by a University Strategic Funding Grant. 

    Students who attend these sessions are from varied political perspectives and bacgrounds and will engage and encounter each other's experiences and views. The idea is not to debate or persuade each other, but rather to build a better understanding of each other and find common ground through structured dialogue sessions. 

    The session dates and topics are as follows: 

    6:30-8:30 p.m.

    Feb. 26 - NFL Kneeling Protests, LSC #133

    March 19 - Political Correctness/Free Speech, Moskovitz Theatre

    April 15 - What Does it Mean to be an American?, Scranton Public Library

    Events are first come, first served. Snacks and free T-shirts will be available! Registration is required. Contact 570-941-4419 or

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