Security Spotlight: Gift Card Email Scam Targeting Faculty and...

    February 13, 2019

    Our Information Security Office has received several reports of email scams targeting University faculty and staff that involves the purchase of gift cards.

    The email begins with subjects like “Follow up” or “Are you available?” and if the recipient replies, the attacker continues to portray a University leader explaining that they are in a meeting and can’t take calls. They urge the recipient to buy gift cards for them promising to reimburse them later.

    The end goal is for the criminal to be sent gift cards on the “leader’s behalf” and email pictures of codes to them with the promise of later reimbursement.

    If you receive such an email, DO NOT RESPOND and forward the email to

    If you received a similar email and you purchased gift cards, please contact the University Police for assistance and forward the original message

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